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Campus Resources

Self Help

Online Screenings

If you are experiencing concerns related to your mood, anxiety, substance use, or overall emotional wellbeing, completing one of CAPS free online screenings may help you better understand these concerns and next steps you can take.

In just a few minutes, you can complete an anonymous online screening that may help you determine whether you may benefit from speaking with a counselor. Online screenings are available for: Anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, disordered eating, post-traumatic stress, and substance use.

Visit the free online screenings to get started. If you believe speaking with a counselor would help, get more information on our Make an Appointment page.

CAPS Virtual Resources

Coping with Anxiety and Living Mindfully (CALM) is one of our most popular workshops and a great resource for building coping skills and more effectively managing anxiety. We have made videos of the workshop content available. Work through the entire workshop in order or pick and choose topics that match your interests.

Coping with Anxiety and Living Mindfully (CALM) Video Modules - Session 1

Coping with Anxiety and Living Mindfully (CALM) Video Modules - Session 2​

Coping with Anxiety and Living Mindfully (CALM) Video Modules - Session 3

Mental Health Resources

Self-help brochures on a number of important topics for students are available at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services. Ask your counselor for brochures on specific topics, or visit the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services in Price Center to browse our available publications.

Selected links to self-help and other mental health information:

Active Minds is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for young adults. There is an Active Minds chapter at UNC Charlotte. The Active Minds chapter at UNCC works to increase mental health awareness on campus and raise funds for mental health education and resources for the Active Minds national office. We strive to be a positive community and link resources to students. To learn more, visit Niner Engage.

MTVU, in conjunction with the Jed Foundation, has created a website specifically addressing the mental health needs of college students. Watch videos of celebrities and students telling their stories, tell your own stories, or share concerns with a friend. You can also complete an online questionnaire about your own mental health.

The Jed Foundation has created, a Web-based resource that provides students with a non-threatening and supportive link to important mental health information. Students are able to download information about various mental illnesses, ask questions, and seek help anonymously. is an excellent resource for anyone interested in a variety of mental health topics--readable, accurate, and up-to-date material.

APA's Help Center is your online resource for brochures, tips and articles on the psychological issues that affect your physical and emotional well-being, as well as information about referrals.

From the University of Illinois Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, one of the best collections of online brochures on various mental health topics relevant to college students. 

The National Institute of Mental Health provides online booklets with information on anxiety, depression, suicide, and other important topics.

The self-proclaimed "world's leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD.”

Explore apps and digital mental health resources that are rated by experts on criteria including, credibility, transparency, and user experience. Click here to learn more.

Learn more on our Special Topics page.