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Students, faculty, and staff who are interested in CAPS outreach programming are encouraged to review the following options that will meet many requests:

CAPS’ drop-in workshops offer students a chance to gather specific skills and information related to mental health topics without any pre-registration required.  All drop-in workshops are Discover Your Wellness events and proof of attendance will also be provided for other classes. 

The following drop-in workshop is offered in Fall 2023:

Building Better Relationships

Date TBD | Time TBD

  • Week 1: Healthy Relationships & Relationship Values (9/6, 9/27, 10/25, 11/15)
  • Week 2: Communication & Listening Skills (9/3, 10/4, 11/1, 11/22)
  • Week 3: Boundaries & Managing Conflict (9/20, 10/18, 11/8, 11/29)

Are you looking to develop fulfilling relationships with others in your life?  Are you struggling to communicate effectively or stay true to yourself while in a relationship, or coping with the end of a relationship?  Are you navigating conflicts with romantic partners, friends, family, and/or coworkers?  This workshop series includes three rotating weekly topics, including relationship values, healthy communication, and boundaries, designed to teach you skills to build and maintain healthy, meaningful, and effective relationships.

Feel Better Fast

Date TBD | Time TBD

  • Week 1: Mindfulness and Relaxation 
  • Week 2: Managing Your Emotions 
  • Week 3: Managing Difficult Thoughts
  • Week 4: Managing Intense Stress

Do you experience overwhelming thoughts or emotions? Do you struggle to identify effective ways to cope with stress?  This workshop series includes four weekly rotating topics on distress management.  A variety of skills and strategies will be covered, including mindfulness and relaxation skills, effectively managing emotions, combatting unhelpful thoughts, and tips for "feeling better fast."


The video which includes information on services provided by CAPS and how students are able to access them is currently being updated.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 704-687-0311.

Have an Additional Request?

Unfortunately, due to high demand on CAPS services, we are limited in our ability to fulfill classroom or student group requests for the Spring 2024 semester.  For the spring we will only offer our Wellness Workshops; all Wellness Workshop include an overview of CAPS services.  We are unable to accommodate other presentations requests. As a reminder, requests require 4 weeks advance notice to allow adequate time for staffing. 

To submit a request for a Wellness Workshop, please complete this form.

For programs geared toward students, please review our Wellness Workshops offerings. These are single session workshops that cover frequently requested topics and are available in virtual, in-person, and asynchronous formats. We can provide attendance if required as a course assignment or extra credit. We also have two drop-in or a la carte workshop series, which can be found in the Workshops section of our Services page. Students may also benefit from some of our Suicide Prevention training options. 

For programs geared towards faculty/staff, please review our page on Cultivating a Community of Care. This page outlines three different training options for faculty/staff to learn skills to better respond to student mental health needs. 

If you have an idea or request for a program specifically addressing the mental health or wellbeing needs of students of color, please visit the site for the Multicultural Mental Health and Equity Initiative for more information and to submit an MMHEI-specific program request.

If an immediate need arises you can contact us directly at and we can work with you to try and meet your needs.