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Campus Resources

Medication Management

Students who are considering medication can learn more about this by meeting with a psychiatrist or other medical provider at the Student Health Center. These providers can assess whether medication may be helpful in addressing the student's concern and can also provide follow-up care managing previously prescribed medications. The medical providers may prescribe medication when appropriate and follow-up with students to make adjustments to medications as necessary. Providers at Student Health Center also assess whether a student’s psychiatric needs are within their scope of practice and may refer to a psychiatrist in the community when a student’s needs are beyond that scope.

Students who wish to meet with a psychiatrist need a referral from either a counselor at CAPS or a medical provider in the Student Health Center. Students can discuss a referral to a psychiatrist or other medical provider with a counselor at CAPS or can contact the Student Health Center at 704‑687‑7400 to schedule an appointment.

Students who are interested in connecting with a psychiatrist off campus for evaluation and/or medication management can seek referrals through a Center for Integrated Care (CIC) referral coordinator by contacting us at 704-687-0311.