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Students with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities have many strengths, which often include resilience, determination, and high motivation.  However, entering a new environment, such as a college campus, can pose a number of unique challenges for students with disabilities as they work to adjust to new academic responsibilities and social experiences.  These unique challenges may include, but are not limited to, adjusting and adapting to new physical spaces, balancing being independent while still receiving assistance, and deciding to whom and how to disclose challenges that may be less visible to others. 

Disabilities include physical, mental, cognitive and emotional challenges that significantly interfere with one or more of the major daily life tasks.  Examples include visual / auditory impairments, physical limitations, cognitive-processing difficulties, learning disabilities, and psychological disabilities. 

Receiving support from on-campus resources is important for students with disabilities in reaching their academic and personal growth goals and Counseling & Psychological Services is a piece of this support system.  We offer a safe and welcoming space for students with disabilities to share their experiences, as well as discuss anything else they would like to talk about including emotions, relationships, and academics.  We recognize that while a disability affects a person’s life, it does not define them.

Counseling & Psychological Services is physically accessible to all students.  Interpreters are available for use during counseling sessions through a request from the Office of Disability Services. If you are aware of further accommodations that would be helpful, please let us know as soon as possible so we may work to make our services accessible for you.